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Are you new to Medicare or turning 65?

Although most can enroll or switch coverage during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) each year ( between Oct 15th and Dec 7th), there are other election periods offered by Medicare – including the Initial Election Period (IEP). If you are new to Medicare, aging-in or turning 65, you have a 7-month window to enroll into a Medicare Advantage plan: The month of your 65th birthday and the 3 months before and 3   months after that month. For additional information about the IEP and other election periods, visit: www.Medicare.gov.  

If you live in Louisiana, Ochsner Health Plan might be right for you. Here’s more for those new to Medicare or turning 65https://www.ochsnerhealthplan.com/are-you-new-medicare-or-turning-65


Why choose Ochsner Health Plan?

Ochsner Health Plan will work with its parent organization to reduce barriers to healthcare and invest in the health of our communities. These new Medicare Advantage plans will provide a full complement of competitively-priced benefits – all backed by the quality and innovation that patients expect from Louisiana’s leading healthcare provider, Ochsner Health.

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